Registration is now open. Registration will be done online using TexasOnline through Continuing Education website of Texas A&M University:

The registration procedure is the following:

  • Click here
  • Select College of Architecture.
  • You will go to a webpage that provides the following choices for the Sixth Inerdisciplinary Conference of the International Society of Mathematics and Architecture (ISAMA). Note the code for ISAMA 042040:
    • 042040A: FULL Registration
    • 042040B: SPECIAL Registration
  • Select one of the choices based on your preference.
  • Pay using a credit card.

    Before making a decision please read the following information.

    • The regular registration fee is $200 and the special registration fee is $125. This special fee is only available to students, K-12 teachers, artists without institutional support, and spouses of speakers who also present. For students and K-12 teachers, ID is required. If you choose special registration, be sure to bring your ID to the conference. The registration fee also includes a copy of the proceedings, which will be available at the conference.
    • if you want to stay in a hotel, we have an agreement with Clarion hotel for $54 per night. Clarion hotel is in walking distance and is one of the closest hotels to Campus. Call (979) 693 1736 for reservations. The address of Clarion Hotel is 1503, Texas Avenue South, College Station, Texas 77840.


The daily access to conference is available only for Texas High School Teachers & students. daily registration fee will be $50 per day and it will allow to access to daily conference activities.

Pax Mundi II Sculpture by Brent Collins, Steve Reinmuth and Carlo Sequin (Photos Credit Carlo Sequin)
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