The ISAMA'07 program will include long and short paper presentations, workshops and art exhibition. Submissions must be uploaded using an online submission system.

Click here to access the online submissions system.

The size of the submissions file is not recommended to exceed 10MB.

Paper Submissions

Full papers are expected to be 8 8.5x11 pages at most, and should present previously unpublished original results that are not simultaneously submitted elsewhere. Sketches, or short papers, are expected to be 4 A4 pages at most. All papers will be peer-reviewed, by at least two reviewers. The accepted full and short paper contributions will be presented during the plenary sessions and will appear in the conference proceedings.

Full and short papers should be submitted electronically using the online submission system as PDF or Word files only. For consistency among math+art conferences, we will use the Bridges format. For those who plan to use LaTeX or MS-Word for compiling their manuscripts, we recommend you to use the style file or template available at Bridges site.

Art Submissions

There will be an exhibit whose general objective is to show the usage of mathematics in creating art and architecture. Artists are requested to submit their artwork in PDF or Word format, by uploading using online submission system. The submissions should include at least one image of the artwork, artist's name and an artist's statement. Please format them exactly like paper submissions. Art works will be exhibited in the conference exhibition space. Some of accepted art papers will be published in conference proceedings.

Workshop Submissions

There will be teacher workshops whose objective is to demonstrate methods for teaching mathematics using related art forms. For existing workshops see workshops. Workshop organizers are requested to submit their proposals in PDF or Word format, by uploading using online submission system . The proposals should give a brief description of the workshop and should not exceed 8 pages. Please format workshop proposals the same as paper submissions; just indicate that it is a workshop. Some of workshop proposals will be published in conference proceedings.

Pax Mundi II Sculpture by Brent Collins, Steve Reinmuth and Carlo Sequin (Photos Credit Carlo Sequin)
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