The registration fee for ISAMA'08 is €200 (200 Euro). This fee will include one printed copy of the conference proceedings, the excursion to the City of Arts and Sciences, refreshments, and receptions. A special reduced fee of €50 is available to spouses (or other accompanying persons) who will not participate in the scientific activities of the conference but who want to enjoy the excursion, refreshments and receptions.

Please register by sending an email to, as described below. If your email program is correctly configured with your webbrowser, simply click here, and just fill in the answer to each question at the end of the corresponding line.

Otherwise, send an email with the following "To:" and "Subject:" lines:
    Subject: Registration ISAMA 2008
Copy and paste the lines below into the message body, and then answer each question:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • Accompanying persons:
  • email address:
  • phone:
  • fax:
  • Areas of interest:
  • Title of paper (if any):
  • Do you wish to speak (y/n):
  • Artworks to be exhibited:
  • Credit card number (16 digits):
  • CSV (3 digits on back):
  • Name (as shown on card):
  • Expiry date (mm/yy):
  • Total amount to be charged (in Euros):
The "Total amount" to be charged to your credit card should of course equal €200 plus €50 for each accompanying person.