ISAMA'09 Schedule of Talks

All talks will be in Lecture Center 4.

Invited speakers are listed in bold.

Monday 22 June

9:30–10:15Robert BoschKnothole Sculptures
10:15–11:00Irene RousseauArt as a Metaphor for the Fourth Dimension
11:00–11:20Coffee Break
11:20–11:50Gary GreenfieldOn Variation Within Swarm Paintings
11:50–12:20James MallosHow to Weave a Basket of Arbitrary Shape
2:00–2:30Nat FriedmanCurves and Surfaces
2:30–3:00Susan HappersettAlgorithms, Art, and Aesthetics.
3:00–3:30Robert KauffmanFish Tile Animation: Anatomy of an Animated Tessellation
3:30–3:50Coffee Break
3:50–4:20Yang LiuFrom Sona Drawings to Contemporary Art
4:20–4:50Godfried ToussaintA New Method for Classifying Fret and Meander Patterns (work with Yang Liu)

Tuesday 23 June

9:30–10:00Robert SpannOrder at the Edge of Chaos: Algorithmic Art Based on Completely Chaotic Rational Functions
10:00–10:45Charles GinneverTBA
10:45–11:05Coffee Break
11:05–11:35Steve LueckingCollapsed Orbs: Astroidal Sculptures from the Breakdown of the Sphere
11:35–12:05CJ FearnleyFoldable Great Circle Geometries
2:00–2:45Kenneth SnelsonForces Made Visible
2:45–3:30Daina TaiminaFrom Math to Art
3:30–3:50Coffee Break
3:50–4:35Roslyn MazzilliLinear Forms Rotating In Space
4:35–5:05Benigna ChillaIntaglio Monoprints: Lines Patterns, Line Surfaces
5:05–5:35Javier BarralloTBA

Wednesday 24 June

9:30–10:00Doug DunhamTransforming "Circle Limit III" Patterns: First Steps
10:00–10:30Claude BruterThe Boy Surface as Architecture and Sculpture
10:30–11:00Doug PedenPainting Music
11:00–11:20Coffee Break
11:20–11:50Donna LishBeading in the Stream of Consciousness
11:50–12:20George HartComet!
2:00–2:45Stephanie Stricklandslippingglimpse: Making and Reading a Born-Digital Poem
2:45–3:30Stephen TalasnikTBA
3:30–3:50Coffee Break
3:50–4:20David PressString Sculptures: Adding light as Another Dimension
4:20–5:05George FrancisVirtual Installations of Quasicrystallic Structures (work with Tony Robbin)

Thursday 25 June: Workshops

9:30–10:45James MallosUnit-Weave the Cubic Polyhedra
11:00–12:15Nat FriedmanMaking Knot Sculptures: Folded Tinfoil, Wire, Foamcore Arcs and Copper Tubing
1:30–2:45Nat FriedmanKnots and Soap Film Minimal Surfaces
3:00–4:15Nat FriedmanFractal Stone Prints