ISAMA 2011

Conference Schedule

Monday, June 13: Talks

9:30–10:00Welcoming addresses
10:00–11:00*Jason Leigh, Amplified Work Environments
11:00–12:00*Neil Katz, Algorithmic Modeling/Parametric Thinking
1:30–2:00Lynn Bodner, A Fourteen-Pointed Star Polygon Design on the Mimbar of the Mosque of al-Mu'ayyad
2:00–2:30Anne Burns, Go with the Flow – Flash-y Pictures
2:30–3:00Robert Krawczyk, Truchet Tilings Revisited
3:00–3:30Coffee Break
3:30–4:00John Shier, Filling Space with Non-Overlapping Simple Shapes
4:00–4:30Steve Luecking, Octoids: Sculpting Between Octahedron and Sphere

Tuesday, June 14: Talks

9:30–10:00Doug Dunham, Enumerations of Hyperbolic Truchet Tiles
10:00–10:30Donna Lish, Perceptions of Three
10:30–11:00James Mallos, Extra Ways to See: An Artist's Guide to Map Operations
11:00–12:00*Kevin Henry, Mental Maps and Geographic Realities: Cognition and Design Realization
1:30–2:00Ann Hanson, Creative Projects in the Math Classroom
2:00–2:30Susan McBurney, Sundials and Astrolobes
2:30–3:00Javier Barrallo, Ovals and Ellipses in Architecture
3:00–3:30Coffee Break
3:30–4:00David Reimann, Tessellation Patterns from a Simply Decorated Triangle
4:00–4:30Steve Luecking, Sculpture from a Space-Filling Saddle Pentahedron

Wednesday, June 15: Talks

9:30–10:00Qing Xing, Sculpturing with Vertex Components
10:00–10:30Margaret Lanterman, Creating the Mandala
10:30–11:30*David Stark, Science and Math Learning through Art
1:00–2:00*Mark Schendel, tba
2:00–2:30Qing Xing, Twisted Developables
2:30–3:00Nat Friedman, Linear Knot Sculptures
3:00–3:30Coffee Break

Thursday, June 16: Excursions

There will be two possible morning architectural excursions, both conducted by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. All out-of-town participants (and some Chicago locals) will be going on a bus trip to view Frank Lloyd Wright homes and studio. The other excursion is the Chicago River Trip.

Afternoon excursions will be a choice of either the Art Institute or the Field Museum.

Excursion costs will be covered by your registration fee.

Friday, June 17: Workshops

9:30–10:45Ann Hanson, Creative Projects in the Math Classroom
11:00–12:15Donna Lish, Perceptions of Three
1:30–2:45Margaret Lanterman, Creating the Mandala
3:00–5:00Steve Luecking, Building a Scherk Surface from Paper Tiles and Digital Painting by the Numbers