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Related Organizations and Conferences

A number of other people and organizations run conferences and exhibits related to the interdisciplinary connections between the arts, mathematics and architecture.

This list of links is part of the ISAMA online Directory of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture.

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2-5 June 2005, Boulder, CO, USA
No Sense of Discipline: An International Conference on Interdisciplinarity
11-12 June 2001, Brisbane, Australia
Mosaic 2000,
Millennial Open Symposium on the Arts and Interdisciplinary Computing, 21-25 Aug 2000, Seattle, WA, USA
Nexus: Relationships between Architecture and Mathematics
Organizer: Kim Williams
Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science
Organizer: Reza Sarhangi
Mathematics and Design Association
President: Vera W. de Spinadel
IS-MCA, International Society for Mathematical and Computational Aesthetics
President: Michael Leyton
International String Figure Association
(See also websites by Richard Darcie and Britt Scharringhausen.)
ISIS--Symmetry, International Society for Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry
President: Denes Nagy
eCAADe, Education in Computer-Aided Architectural Design in Europe
Mathematics and Art Project
HP Labs, Bristol, UK.
MAA Special Interest Group on Mathematics and the Arts

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