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There are many people maintaining websites devoted to polyhedra, most with nice pictures or 3d models.

This list of links is part of the ISAMA online Directory of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture.

Please send suggestions for additional entries to the webmaster.

Vladimir Bulatov,
Polyhedra Collection
Steve Dutch,
Polyhedra, symmetry and crystallography
Viktor Genel,
3d puzzles
Daniel Green,
Infinite Regular Polyhedra, etc (alternate URL at Superliminal)
George W. Hart,
Polyhedra and Sculpture,
Tom Lechner,
Wooden polyhedra
Roman Maeder,
Uniform polyhedra, stellations
Ulrich Mikloweit,
Polyhedron Garden
Ron Nelson,
RND ModelShop – Polyhedra
George Olshevsky,
Uniform polyhedra and model-making service
Jorge Rezende,
Puzzles with polyhedra and numbers
Magnus Wenninger
Paper models of polyhedra

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