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Paintings, Prints and Drawings

This list of links is part of the ISAMA online Directory of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture.

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Jean Constant
webpage at, Film Strips
Hollister ("Hop") David
Seven Birds
Nat Friedman
Stone Prints
Jean-Pierre Hébert
India ink, Watercolours and Acrylics on Paper
Robert F. Kauffmann
fractal prints
Scott Kim
Inversions (symmetric calligraphy) and puzzles
Viktor Majdandzic
Chris Palmer
Paper folding
Luis Perelman
Metal quilts, wall reliefs, etc.
Michael Schultheis
mathematically inspired paintings
Clifford Singer
Non-Euclidean themes and exhibit at Pygoya Webmuseum
John M. Sullivan
Optimal Geometry Prints
Dick Termes
Termespheres (paintings on spheres in multiple perspective)
Elizabeth Whiteley
Dynamic Symmetry
Dermot Wilson
Pseudoarcs for the people

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