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Many sculptors use matheamatical ideas in their work.

See also the lists of polyhedral and geometric models in David Epstein's Geometry Junkyard, Carlo Séquin's page on Art and Geometry, and Ronnie Brown's page on Sculpture Mathematics.

For general information on sculpture, see the International Sculpture Center website, or Sculptor.Org. There is also a directory of sculptors' websites at Yahoo.

This list of links is part of the ISAMA online Directory of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture.

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Lincoln Austin,
Bruce Beasley,
Paul Bloch,
Gerard Caris,
Eduardo Chillida,
Official website
Brent Collins,
webpage by Séquin and webpage by Sarhangi
Helaman Ferguson,
Sculpture. See also the webpage by Séquin, the book "Mathematics in Stone and Bronze", and the gallery of Jean-Pierre Hébert.
Larry Frazier,
Wood Möbius
at Highlands Gallery
Nat Friedman,
Sculptures and prints
Sara Frucht,
Charles Ginnever,
Bathsheba Grossman,
Digital Sculpture in Bronze & Silver
Paul Haeberli,
Lamina Design software
Bradford Hansen-Smith,
Folded-Circle Sculpture
George Hart,
Polyhedral sculptures
Erwin Hauer,
selected sculptures
Ken Herrick,
webpage by Séquin
Eva Hild,
Bjarne Jespersen
Pocket Art
Greg John
Jane and John Kostick
Mathematical Constructions
Christian Lavigne,
Digital Sculpture
Tom Lechner,
Polyhedral Sculpture
Allen Linder,
Spheres & Beings
Robert Longhurst,
webpage by Séquin
Jeff Metz,
Henry Moore,
the Henry Moore Foundation and the entry at Artchive
Charles O. Perry,
Official Homepage
See also the webpage by Séquin
Peter Randall-Page,
John Robinson,
Mathematical themes in Robinson's work
Rinus Roelofs,
Sculpture, computer animations, etc.
Thomas Sakoulas,
Sculpture and digital art
Hans Schepker,
Glass and Geometry (including polyhedral glass lamps).
Richard Serra,
ArtCyclopedia entry
Carlo Séquin,
Knots, Bronzes, etc
John Sharp,
Sliceform polyhedra
Arthur Silverman,
Sculpture and tetrahedral design
Kenneth Snelson,
Tensegrity sculpture
Jen Stark,
Sculpture from cut paper
Benjamin Storch,
Forms in Metal
Simon Thomas,
Malcolm J Tibbetts,
Segmented Wood Turning
Keizo Ushio,
Oushi-Zokei (homepage in Japan) and webpage by Séquin
Bernar Venet,
metal arcs at Chac-Mool gallery, page
Antoon Versteegde,
large-scale bamboo
Koos Verhoeff,
exhibit in Holland
Elias Wakan,
wooden sculpture
Derrick Woodham,
digital sculpture
Thomas Woodward,
Sculpture pieces

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